We care about our customers and therefore, their information shared with us is our responsibility to protect and keep confidential.

In order to understand the privacy policy, following are descriptive points explaining the policy with clarity

The information that we ask while login/registering is used to keep our customers enlisted for notifications, updates, etc.

Furthermore, the personal contact information like emails and your name, address etc. is to keep record for later orders as well.

The information we get helps us in understanding the interests of our customers and to effectively and efficiently deliver our services. 

Mostly the information we collect is used to keep customers posted with trends, sales, competitions, giveaways and also to keep them posted about their preferred categories of item(s).

It is to ensure that any information shared is not misused in any case(s).

To keep your data safe and secure and the privacy, we might take steps for verifying your identification before accessing any information. 

Appropriate technical, mechanical and organizational measures are taken in order to keep the data provided safe from destruction, or accidental loss, or even unauthorized access.

Your information might be accessible to our service providers to maintain efficient provision of services, they are officially obliged to keep your information confidential and uncontaminated.  

With respect to pertinent law, the customers might have certain rights regarding our dealing with their information.

Rights include;

  • Requesting the access to the information we have.
  • Attain validation about the content and checking the accuracy of the information.
  • Correct, delete, modify, restrict any information in our use.
  • Receiving a readable format of all the information we hold to view and get satisfied that no information is false or mishandled.